Vitamin D

  With all this glorious sunshine it seems appropriate to talk about Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is quite hard to obtain naturally from our diets, but when sunlight touches our skin something magical happens and Vitamin D is synthesised. I won’t go into the biology here of how this inert vitamin is […]

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What is ‘health’

According to the Oxford English Dictionary ‘health’ is  “the state of being free from illness or injury”. To be in ‘good health’ though, is so much more than being free from illness or injury; health encompasses our social, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well being. Many factors influence these things. The British medical Journal (BMJ) […]

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Study, study and more study!

Study has been keeping me away from my blogging lately. I’ve completed and passed  my ‘Adapting Exercise for Older Adults’.  I’ve now also passed the practical exam for ‘Exercise Referral’, and just need to complete the coursework. This will enable me to devise and deliver exercise programmes to a wider  range of patients/clients; for example […]

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