Abdominal Fat & Ageing

My stomach is fat! If you think that your belly fat is growing and getting harder to shift, you are most probably right. Intra-abdominal fat DOES increase with age. Read on…. All of my older clients- yes all of them, worry about their abdominal fat. This despite having a healthy body mass index (BMI), and […]

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I will be the first to admit motivation can be a challenge in itself at times. Now that Winter is approaching and with it the gloomy, grey and wet days, it will undoubtedly be that little bit harder to walk to the gym, or exercise outside. I personally find it so much easier to do […]

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Falling and fear of falling

I believe that with falling, the cause(s) are often multi factorial, therefore the approach to dealing with it should also be. When I visit clients I look at all the potential causes (with both my Nurse and PT head on) and address each of them in turn. I then devise a bespoke fitness programme that is […]

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We had the privilege to go to China in July. Quite an experience I can tell you. I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever been? I found it very interesting and quite challenging. A country whose “current population is 1,412,903,631 as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates. […]

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Vitamin D

  With all this glorious sunshine it seems appropriate to talk about Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is quite hard to obtain naturally from our diets, but when sunlight touches our skin something magical happens and Vitamin D is synthesised. I won’t go into the biology here of how this inert vitamin is […]

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What is ‘health’

According to the Oxford English Dictionary ‘health’ is  “the state of being free from illness or injury”. To be in ‘good health’ though, is so much more than being free from illness or injury; health encompasses our social, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well being. Many factors influence these things. The British medical Journal (BMJ) […]

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