As a Healthcare Professional I am getting increasingly frustrated by the inappropriate use of face masks in our community. To put this into perspective, I have nursed for nearly 40 years, part of this was as a Scrub Nurse in operating theatres, part of this was with Infection Control covering a large Hospital Trust, and […]

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Coronavirus and Obesity

Covid-19 or Coronavirus or SARS?! Firstly it is probably a good idea to mention that viruses and the diseases they cause often have different names. In this case, the virus is ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2’ (SARS-CoV-2). While genetically related to the SARS outbreak of 2003 this coronavirus is different. To avoid confusion the […]

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Food for Thought

What we eat has always been a controversial topic. Advice seems to change frequently, but one thing that seems to remain constant is the suggestion of the benefits of a plant-based diet, for health, environmental and ethical reasons. Everyone knows that diet has a huge impact on one’s health. Along with exercise, a healthy diet […]

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The Reluctance To Be Active

Many ‘older’ clients that I talk to, both at the Leisure Centre where I work and privately, tell me that they do not feel comfortable attending a gym. While this could be considered great news for my personal business ( I visit the housebound), it makes me sad. I genuinely want to get sedentary older […]

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New Physical Activity Guidelines 2019

New Physical Activity Guidelines 2019 The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has recently updated the exercise recommendations for all age groups. I will discuss the recommendations for adults, but the link has the full recommendations. New Physical Activity Guidelines New Guidelines Previous guidelines recommended that adults should partake of 150 minutes (2 and a ½ hours) of moderate […]

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Older adults and probiotics

An ageing population The UK is an ageing society, with numbers of over 85’s predicted to rise year on year. Interestingly there is no agreed definition of an ‘older adult’. The Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines for physical activity define an older adult as someone aged 65 or older. Sport England’s active ageing work focuses on […]

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Teeth and heart health

  A client recently asked me about oral health. Well, I’m obviously not a dentist, but was happy to pass on advice and information that I was aware of. After all, our oral health is part of our overall health, and can affect many aspects of our well being- not just our ability to eat, […]

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Have a read…

There is a video that goes with this poem that they love showing us during Nurse training days. It always makes me feel sad; but it is also a gentle reminder that older people have so much to offer, have led such amazing lives, and that it is never too late to carry on growing […]

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The cost of inactivity as we age

Reimagining Ageing I recently read an article by UK Active, which I found really interesting. A new report by Sheffield Hallum University, UK Active and DataHub, ‘Reimagining ageing’ reveals how we should become more active as we age, and not less. Reimaging Ageing Ageing itself does not cause health problems I have to confess that […]

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Is the message getting through?

  Last weekend (12th January 2019) I attended the ‘Wales Exercise Medicine Symposium’. Others taking part were GP’s, Allied Health Professionals and Fitness Specialists: likeminded people wanting to learn more, share experiences and spread the word about the importance of physical activity. I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of what was […]

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