Bloggers Recognition Award

I have received my very first Bloggers Recognition Award from Notebooksandglasses, thankyou so much for this nomination. It is always hard starting something new, so this will help motivate me to continue, because you do often wonder if it’s worth it…..if anyone ever takes the time to read what you post, or if it interests anyone.


Alice, from Notebooksandglasses blogs about her journey living with chronic pain, and how it impacts upon her life. She shares her experiences and offers tips and advice for anyone living with chronic pain.

The award requests that I say how and why my blog came about, and offer tips to would-be/fellow bloggers, as well as nominating fellow bloggers….so, here goes!

How my blog started:

I lost my job as  Community Nurse for Older people in 2017. This was a job I really loved as it helped the older population to stay living independently at home. I would perform general observations and clinical procedures, falls assessments, continence assessments, arrange care packages, help arrange physio and occupational therapy input, support carers, signpost- anything and everything that helped the individual to stay living at home. However the ‘powers that be’ decided they could not ‘measure our outcomes’ (i.e. could not prove our worth, I guess), so the role was decommissioned.

I did not want to go back and work in hospitals, or be a community nurse as these were both roles I had done before for many years. So I decided to retrain in a different area. I thought that with my qualifications, knowledge and experience I could work for myself. My intention is to help the elderly, those with mobility problems, health conditions and/or anyone who just feels daunted about the whole ‘fitness’ and ‘wellness’ environment regardless of their age. With this in mind, I am studying a Diploma in Personal Training with a few additional extra qualifications along the way.

One person who has supported me in this has been the boxer Audley Harrison, who even came up with the name ‘Jills wellness’. He also inspired me to start my other blog a blog about living with chronic pain, which I have been doing successfully for many years now.

I still have a long way to go yet before I am officially a Personal trainer, although I have passed a lot of the coursework and two practical assessments already, and have a few ‘clients’ under my belt who have been extremely successful in achieving their goals so far.


This ‘Jillswellness’ blog is intended to offer some tips and advice on keeping fit and healthy, as well as following my journey with this new venture. This blog is my own work, and as such, not intended to replace advice or recommendations from any other health or fitness professional. I would always advocate getting individual, professional advice and support if you are new to fitness, to ensure you are physically ready and are guided along the way. The last thing you want is to have to stop due to injury or illness, before you have even started.

Tips to bloggers:

I would say, just go for it. Blog whatever comes into your head, whatever is close to your heart. You may not think anyone will be interested, but trust me- people will be. I would also say just enjoy it, see it as a learning opportunity; while you are potentially helping others you are also learning so many new things along the way; use it as a way to stay personally (and if applicable, professionally) updated.


Life with an illness

Living with a traumatic brain injury




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